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A Headlamp with a continuous long-distance illumination
without glaring effects

Assist. Prof. Dr. Turhan ALCELIK - Ankara

The background of my research concerning the system:

Researches concerning car passing beam systems have been pursuing in the world. Related to the car lighting, a sufficient road illumination is important for a good sight. Neverthless, another factor as important as the illumination is that the drivers of the vehicles coming from the opposite direction are not affected negatively from this lighting.

Until today, within the framework of the researches made in this field, an ideal car passing beam system has not been created yet.

During night trips, especially during the illumination with high beams (driving beams), the lights of the vehicles coming from opposite direction, make a direct effect in eyes and causes pupiller miosis as well as destroys severely the sight of the road. This situation may even cause a temporary blindness and thus, road accidents.

As an ophthalmologist, I have been working for years on a carpassing beam systems that has a minimum glare effect in the eyes of the drivers coming from the opposite lane while providing sufficient road illumination under all weather and road conditions. As a result of my research, I have developed a headlamp system, "A Headlamp with a continuous long-distance illumination without glaring effects" , and that can be installed into all vehicles of all brands and models.

According to my personal opinion, if this system is accepted and can be installed into vehicles, its following characteristics and conveniences would be put into effect as well.

Characteristics of the System:

1. The vehicles in which this system is installed, it will be possible to see easily the road sights and traffic signs as well as to read the number plates of the vehicles of both directions while ensuring a sufficient road illumination in accordance with the international standards.

2. In all the lighting systems that are presently used in the world, the lights of the vehicles of opposite directions affect each others' sights negatively. However, the vehicles in which my system is installed, lighting will be affected positively as if the vehicles are moving in the same direction.

3. This system, compared to all other car external lighting systems used presently in the world, reduces the glare effect in the eyes of the car and bicycle drivers and the pedestrians coming from the opposite direction to a minimum level.

4. The headlamp systems of vehicles of all brands, models and types can be easily adapted to this system.

5. During the installation of this system, no alteration or deformation will be caused in the outer appearance of the vehicles.

6. During the production of this system, the producers will not require an important additional cost of production. Companies making production in this field, will completely use their existing investments and technologies or will easily produce this system with minor additional investment.

7. The cost of system alteration in the vehicles will approximately be as much as the cost of altering a complete car external lighting system.